What is Vitamin D?

The Cholecalciferal that we all know and love is commonly called Vitamin D. We should call it Vitamin D3 because that is the particular version that we produce in our human skin when we bask in the sun. We actually call it the “sunshine vitamin”.

Vitamin D3 is a vitamin but it is also a steroid hormone (similar to estrogens and testosterone). A steroid hormone acts as a chemical messenger in the body. As a hormone, Vitamin D3 works everywhere in the body and is essential to life.

A vitamin is a vital food substance so you have to eat food to get a vitamin. Vitamin D3 is not truly a vitamin because it can be synthesized in the ksin by exposure to sunlight. This synthesis occurs when ultraviolet light reacts with a form of cholesterol converting it to cholecalciferal (D3). As a vitamin and a steroid hormone, Vitamin D3 has essential benefits for the human body.

Vitamin D3 is essential:

  • to cell metabolism
  • to cardiac health
  • to immune function
  • to neurological support
  • to regulation of systemic inflammation

So to prevent both contagious and chronic diseases everyone needs lots of Vitamin D3. Without this precious vitamin/hormone, we get sick. Vitamin D Deficiency

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Vitamin D

You want strong and healthy bones, so the question you need to ask yourself is, are you getting enough Vitamin D?

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