Tonics for Stressed Parents

What kind of parent are you?

Self-Indulgent, or Child Worshipper?

Learn ways to manage your family's lifestyle without adding stress to your bodies from eating fast-food, or adding stress to your wallet!

Find balance in your hectic life so you can look after yourself too.

Summer Activities

There are many creative ways to enjoy your community activities while spending quality time with your kids. Please check back often as we post new ideas for you and your kids!

Easing the stress of going back to school

Children have stresses too. Summer is usually stress-free, but then, as August passes the mid-way point, there are the “first day of school jitters.”

Children usually reflect parental attitudes. Anxiety or enthusiasm is equally infectious. A new situation is best met with preparation so devote some of the last days of summer vacation to the requirements for school.

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