Why should we take Vitamins?

I decided to do some research on nutrition -- I found out some pretty interesting things...

During the Industrial revolution populations grew -- by the twentieth century, North America was considered the "Bread Basket of the World". Farmers strained to grow more and more crops to export. The soil grew anemic. The dust storms hit.

Think of the tornadoes of today, black with dirt. The news reports the loss of life, but never the loss of dirt! By 1930, the soils were depleted and crops were poor. Scientists advised the agricultural industry that they would need to replace the full spectrum of minerals. Legislation was proposed. Shocked and dismayed by the expense of such a proposal, the agricultural industry protested and lobbied against it and won!

Understand -- plants do not manufacture minerals. They absorb them from the soil and store them for us. If minerals are not in the soil they're not in us either!

Thus: cereal grains were depleted of magnesium by 80%. Commercial milling removed 23 essential nutrients including 50-90% of B6.

Science Stepped In

It was proposed that there was a new way to create bigger and better crops -- all the plants needed was nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium (NPK) to grow big. They had lots of those minerals and it was cheap! So they added NPK as fertilizer to the soil and grew bigger plants -- and got bigger crops -- and bigger profits for the farmers.

Everybody was happy for a few years. But without the protection of the missing minerals, the health of the plants suffered. These poor plants had no defense against insects and mold. Pests invaded. Sick plants lessened the crop yields. They had to be protected!

So pesticides were developed. The savings made by the use of NPK were trumped by the expense of pesticides. Then the pesticides leaked from the crops into the water table and left their residues on our food.

So no matter how "well you eat with 4-5 servings of vegetables and fruits per day", you are still not eating as healthy as my Grandma! (Remember her?)

Save the Animals!

The first effort was to save the livestock. Salt blocks with minerals were provided for the animals. We humans ate the food sans minerals, plus pesticides. And we were left without defense against bacteria and viruses and toxins. Ranchers discovered calves were developing "white muscle disease" because they were born deficient in selenium. Their muscle fibers became so denatured, they appeared white and ceased to function. So ranchers injected newborn calves with selenium supplements.

In the 1930's Dr. William Albrecht said, "If we restrict our fertilization to NPK, we will see a rise of chronic degenerative diseases as venomous as the infectious plagues of the past." Today we are suffering from heart disease, cancer, diabetes type 2, arthritis, osteoporosis, etc. even in our children! These are not contagious diseases, but prolonged and degenerative. We are decaying just like those plants did.

Cut it out! Burn it! Poison it!

Treatments for these degenerative diseases include surgery (cut it out), radiation (burn it) and chemotherapy (poison it). How did we let ourselves get to this point?

It gets worse...

The destruction of our food didn't stop with NPK, because mass production technology was on the rise. Produce was picked green then artificially ripened later. Produce was dried, frozen, genetically modified, blanched, pasteurized, irradiated, and reinvented. Vitamins and minerals were further reduced by the barrage of science. Not only was our natural food depleted of nutrients, but the rest of it was artificially invented. Our bodies are now not only defenseless, but are also exposed to pollution, radiation, chemicals, as well as mental and emotional pressures.

What about Preventing it?

The proper "treatment" for degenerative disease is prevention. How? By adding back in those missing defenses to our bodies -- the vitamins and minerals that were lost so many years ago.

To deal with all the stresses in our lives, our bodies demand antioxidants and minerals to keep functioning. If these are not provided, the body expresses the deficiency with mood swings, anxiety, depression, memory problems, compulsions and behavior problems. Then these impacts on our emotional health can bring on physical illnesses.

My trip to a ski resort illustrates this. The hotel had just converted to computerized registration -- but the computer broke down. Four hours standing in a hot over-crowded lobby had my anxiety levels soaring. When the bellhop escorted me to the room, I couldn't remember my room number. The 24-hour flu hit me the next day, and I spent my vacation in the bathroom at my hotel. This is when the body needs its vitamins and minerals. Like ALL THE TIME!

What do the Doctors have to say about prevention?

Doctors say:

"Don't waste your money." "If you are convinced you should take supplements, buy the cheapest.They won't hurt you." "Vitamins are just bedpan bullets."

This is true, if you buy the cheap ones! They are coated, so they're not absorbed. Plus, the cheap ones aren't made to pharmaceutical standards, so they likely don't contain much or any of the nutrient anyway.

"Vitamins create expensive urine."

Ah yes! But the body is an amazing machine. If the cells of the body are bathed with all the nutrients it requires for optimal function, they will absorb what they need and expel what it doesn't need.

"There are too many quacks looking for your money. Beware!"

"You get all the nutrients you need from food."

Yeah, right! We already discussed that... how many doctors study soil composition and farming?

But they also say:

"Take supplements...

  • If you have a vitamin deficiency...
  • If you eat a restrictive diet...
  • If you are a vegan...
  • If you have osteoporosis...
  • If you are pregnant...
  • If you are over 65...
  • If you live in the northern latitudes...
  • If you are post menopausal...
  • If you are a smoker...
  • If you drink to excess... "

I guess they are coming around.

Why not supplements for everyone?

It is the responsibility of the doctors to research and advocate for your good health. Their priority should be to keep you healthy, not just treat your disease. Doctors already advocate "good diet", exercise, fiber, and the odd vitamin, but don't have time to look at nutrition and supplements.

If you want to help your tired, overworked and disinterested doctor, tell him to look in his CPA or PDR. Vitamins that are made to pharmaceutical standards are listed in there. Doctors can trust that recommending these brands won't create "bedpan bullets", but may actually prevent degenerative disease.

Government steps in -- or on...

Recently in our newspaper, Mr. Dean Connor, President of Sun Life Financial, spoke in Vancouver, BC about our aging population. As people are living longer, they need more care from our health system. He proposed that people need to take responsibility for their own health -- i.e. prevention. This would result in fewer hospitalizations, lower drug costs, fewer physician visits, reduced payments for disability and reduced long term care beds -- all of which would benefit the government and therefore the citizens through lowering taxes.

But the government taxes vitamins to raise money to pay for health care for the ill, instead of giving incentives to health conscious citizens by giving them tax deductions for every cent spent on preventative measures. Supplements should be tax free. Conner said, "Prevention is the gift that keeps on giving."

Bottom Line is...

You are responsible for your own health, and for preventing disease in your own body.

Find out how to choose the best.

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