Natural Cosmetics

The Beauty Industry Needs a Make-Over

Choosing natural cosmetics is an important step to taking care of your health and the health of this planet. Every dollar you spend on natural cosmetics is a vote for the industry to change towards healthier products.

It’s time for the Beauty Industry to receive a make-over. Cosmetics, unlike drugs, are not regulated by governmental agencies but instead are determined for safety by the oh-so-powerful thirty-five billion dollar industry itself!

The financial health of these corporations depends on what the public knows about the risks of the products, and let me tell you, they are doing everything in there power to protect there profits while pleasing share holders.

Science and business have been long aware of the links between cosmetics and the meteoric rise of cancer, asthma, diabetes, and other systemic diseases. Too many companies are choosing profit over health and nature. Part of why they are so profitable is they are filling products with cheap synthetic ingredients and not paying the full cost of cleaning up there products after they hit the shelf. Once a product is on the market it is incredibly hard to have it removed due to the amount of proof required.

It is nearly impossible to find reliable information of the long term effects of beauty products with out relying on the companies themselves! Considering the fact that the average woman spends $365,000 thousand dollars in a lifetime on beauty products alone. I say its time for change! These corporations need to clean up there act and put the health of human all over the world before personal profits.

Here is a resource which reinforces the reasons why you need to choose natural cosmetics. You can check the ingredients in the products you're currently using to see their Hazard Score out of 10.