Flu shot? Just say no!

Flu season is upon us and with it are the strong recommendations to obtain flu shots. The “flu season” is a naturally occurring phenomenon stemming from the lack of sun that provides our skin with its vitamin D production. When our bodies produce less D3 in the winter, we’re more susceptible to the viruses and bacteria that are all around us all year.

I will not get a flu shot …

According to Dr. Julian Whitaker (Health & Healing, Nov 2011), there is only a 20% chance a flu shot would prevent a flu bug because 80% of all flu illnesses are caused by flu bugs not targeted by the vaccination.

There is also a very good chance the vaccine would contain a preservative such as thimerosal which is half ethyl mercury, the most toxic biologic poison on Earth. This would stress my liver and kidneys trying to get rid of the toxin, so I’ll keep my organs happy and toxin free.

Dr. Julian Whitaker says,” Furthermore, many flu vaccines contain thimerosal, which is 50% ethyl mercury, the most toxic biologic poison on earth. Ethyl mercury is so toxic the EPA requires full protective gear and self-contained air for workers cleaning up wastewater containing 200 parts per billion (ppb). A flu shot contains close to 25,000 ppb!”

Instead bolster immunity with the best regimen of vitamin supplements, including 5000 IU of vitamin D3 daily.

Flu shot? No. Extra vitamin D3? Yes.

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