Fish oil 'makes you happier'

One study showed a 50% decrease in depression in 12 weeks taking one gram of omega 3 daily. And a Harvard study of bipolar patients was so amazing that they put the control group on fish oil too. For best effect take with a quality multi-vitamin and B complex.

My fictional character Ted is probably encountering chronic degenerative diseases in relatives and friends. He is depressed from job stress. He is eating poorly. He needs three times more energy sustenance than a chimp and he moves his potato carcass as little as possible. He is no doubt deficient in Omega 3. He is definitely stressed.

Biologists' definition of stress:

Stress is the internal response of an organism to a changing environment.

We can say then that change brings about stress. However, stress brings about SUCCESS such as eating, safety, shelter, and exploration of environment. Too much stress brings on depression and illness or anger and violence.


The headlines scream. The television blares. Murder. Murder. Murder! We all ask, "Why why why?" The reporters tell us the murderer was repressed, stressed, and depressed, so he was prescribed anti-depressants, known in medical lingo as SSRI's (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors). He had recently stopped taking them. I noticed this factor in the news stories long before I read about it in my research.

What do SSRI's do? They increase serotonin levels in the brain. Their side effects can be:

  • Insomnia
  • Teeth grinding
  • Sweating
  • Muscle spasm
  • Hair loss
  • Nightmares
  • Constant fatigue
  • Headaches
  • Diarrhea
  • Weight gain

SSRI's double the risk of gastro intestinal bleeding (But if you really want trouble, take them with N-saids and cox 2 inhibitors (example aspirin or ibuprofen) for 6x the internal bleeding.

And another side effect -- SSRI's double the risk of suicide.

I assume the prescription comes with warnings.

Deficiences can be corrected

Your glands need the essential fatty acids and cholesterol to regulate your hormones. Physical problems, emotional problems and chemical imbalances can trigger depression. Some of these problems can be handled without drugs. Deficiencies can be corrected.

The adrenal glands are your stress glands. They can dysfunction and stop pumping out cortisone. They normally regulate blood sugar (working with the pancreas), regulate blood pressure, balance mineral levels and assist the body in stress. When the adrenals can't handle the stress, the thyroids help. When the thyroid gives out, the pituitary or master gland pumps stimulating hormones to the other glands.

The adrenals supply cortisone to increase blood sugar. The pancreas supplies insulin to remove glucose from blood. They usually balance each other.

But when a body skips meals, uses diet pills, and eats high carb diets, the blood levels go on a roller coaster. The person feels like superman one minute and Clark Kent the next.

Add an artificial sweetener and the endocrine system gets confused. The artificial sweet signals the pancreas that blood sugar will rise, so unnecessary insulin is released dropping the normal blood sugar. The drop in the normal blood sugar signals the adrenal glands and they put in a call for more sugar. The body then craves more sweets.

Lack of EFA's in the diet puts a burden on the pituitary especially when other glands are burdened as by statin drugs which lower cholesterol and alter hormone production. Deficiency in Omega 3 is thus linked to depression, suicide, aggression, hostility and violence.

In the last 100 years Omega 3 oils have been replaced by Omega 6 oils in the North American diets. As an example, an Omega 6 oil, soy oil, was .02% of all calories in 1909. By 2002 it had increased to 20%. Statistically, when Omega 6 use increases, so do murder and depression.

For many decades in North America, people have consumed highly processed foods with Omega 6 and trans fatty acids. The result is a loss of dopamine, serotonin and brain cells that do not connect.

How does this appear?

Adults and teens become depressed. Children cannot learn from reward and punishment because they don't even recognize reward. And children cannot control impulses or regulate emotional response.

A hyperactive aggressive teen could turn into a pussycat by taking 3 grams a day of high quality fish oil capsules, plus a quality multivitamin and reduce sweets especially soda pop -- for three months. How would you get a teen to do this? By telling the teen that it'll make him an Einstein! Well, smarter anyway.

The SSRI's do not change the O3 to O6 ratio, nor make up for vitamin or mineral deficiencies, nor address unresolved stress, nor supply the raw material needed for glands to operate. These drugs do temporarily stop symptoms, but they also reduce dopamine (the feel good hormone) that also protects against Parkinsons Disease. The warning about Parkinsons is right there on the prescription.

When depressed people stop taking their "meds" because they realize they're not working, they think if they stop they'll feel better. Instead they experience overpowering helplessness, deep depression, and suicidal thoughts. Stopping these drugs should only be done gradually under a doctor's supervision and take steps to counter the resulting withdrawal.

What steps?

Talk to your Doctor -- but here are a few tips:

  • Exercise - Walk outside for 10-30 minutes a day
  • L-tryptophan -- an amino acid which helps build serotonin levels
  • B-complex
  • Have thyroid checked
  • Take Omega 3 fatty acids by fish oil capsules
  • Take high quality multivitamins

Thinking back to Ned and Ted, I read in Stoll's book that when members of a species kill their peers too frequently, their species is likely to drop from the evolutionary charts in a geological blink! Is everyday too frequently? Is this how we end the world?

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