Exercise Stress Free

Triple O Exercise Program

Overweight? Out of Shape? Overwhelmed?

Maybe because you're Out of money or Out of time?

Well, you're not Out of luck.

This article is for you because it gives you a way to reverse the rut, retire the restraints and restore your resistance to stress by regaining your health.

First, you have to motivate your mojo by knowing why you must exercise. Second, you have to create and maintain an activity level that you can love because of brings you joy - not stress.

The fact is everyone wants to live to a ripe old age but no one wants to be old. It's true! You want to live as long as you can - (120 anyone?) but you also want to be able to do fun stuff!

So, if you want to jitterbug when you're one hundred you must avoid:

OSTEOPOROSIS - dancing requires a strong skeleton with good posture and diet & supplements isn't enough; you need exercise.

DIABETES - To burn off that sugar to improve glucose levels and keep hormones active, you need exercise.

CANCER - to lower the risk of all kinds of cancer, you need activity.

OBESITY - diet all you can, the calories won't disappear unless you mobilize them with exercise -that is frequent, low level physical activity throughout the day. This approach works best to reduce body fat. (not heavy-duty, sweaty exercise that "makes you have a muffin!")

CARDIOVASCULAR DISEASE - to decrease inflammation, remove arterial plaque, lower blood pressure and prevent heart attacks and strokes, you must exercise.

Beyond disease prevention you can improve balance, reduce risk of falls, elevate mood, increase well-being and sharpness of mind and alleviate stress with, you guessed it, EXERCISE!

Now you know WHY exercise is necessary to maintain your life and your health. If you find it difficult to begin an exercise program -- read on!

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