Dealing with Daily Stress

Life is like a woman's purse; the bigger the purse,
the more she jams into it.

If we got what we wished for - a longer day, we'd just cram more into it.

I suspect your days are just like mine---fast paced and jammed with responsibilities. To be able to look after a family, you have to be organized to the hilt.

"Draw up a list before you go to bed, dear; then your next day is planned and it will go smoother," said one of my smug, know-it-all friends in reply to my outburst about too much to do.

I did as she suggested. The next day didn't go any smoother because unexpected responsibilities dumped on my time. In fact, that very friend phoned to ask, "Could I leave my daughter with you - just for a couple of hours - I have an appointment." Of course, she neglected to mention this during her advise, so I could add it to my list!

I did become an avid list maker, however, and years later when I complained to a friend that I could never get it all done, he asked to see the list. I handed it to him and he ripped it in half and threw the rest in the circular file!

As a stay-at-home Mom, I was busier than my working friends who even commented on it. In truth, they did do less than I, because family and friends cut them some slack because they "worked" or ran errands or tended children on their behalf. They and their husbands were busy on Saturdays! I dealt with household repairs and chores, ran errands for my husband, tended other peoples' children besides the usual housework, cooking and laundry, and my own kids.

Don't you find that the faster we go, the less time we have to be philosophical?

We also become less sensitive to the good things in life like


In fact, if daily life is too planned, too fast-paced and with too much to do, you will find:

  • anxiety on your doorstep
  • depression in your closet
  • burn-out in your fireplace
  • and chronic illness in your bed.

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