Corn Syrup: The Toxic Sweet

Food alerts come and go but there's one that's under the radar and it's addictive, stresses the liver and makes you fat! Curious?

GM Foods? Toxins? Pesticides? E-colli? Salmonella? Trans Fats? Melamine?

There's another pollutant in your food -- and it's lethal too.

  • It's addictive.
  • It's contributing to heart disease.
  • It's contributing to diabetes and
  • It's making you fat!

And no one is going to do anything about it.

No authority --

  • not the FDA
  • not the Pharmaceutical companies
  • not the Government
  • not the Health Dept
  • not the politicians
  • and not your doctor

is going to do anything about it.

You have to live with it -- eat it and suffer, or rescue yourself and your family.
You can be thinner. You can be healthier.

But first -- you have to be paranoid and read labels.

The culprit is HFCS. (I hate acronyms)

What's that, you ask?

Help! Food causes suffering? Nooooooo... !

It's High Fructose Corn Syrup: The Toxic Sweet -- and its in almost every processed food you eat.

How did HFCS become part of North American diet?

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