I'm awake!

Awakening is no picnic. Cortisol - the stress hormone - kicks in, your body temperature is at its lowest and your mind is still in dreamland. Plus as you age, when you wake up, all those little aches and pains you forgot about in dreamland are back. But, if you've had real rest, your body has had some time to heal and feel refreshed.

The key to awakening refreshed is to get the same amount of sleep every night - whatever is the right amount for you. If you're accustomed to 6 hours every night and then sleep 9 hours - you'll wake up groggy. Keep within an hour of your usual number for your body to feel refreshed.

In 1990, 60% of the population experienced sleep problems. Today this number has increased to 70%.

When a person sleeps less than 6 hours there is a 50% rise in risk for viral infections and an increased risk of heart disease and stroke.

Lack of sleep brings about mental decline and the person runs the risk of becoming psychotic, vulnerable and weak. This is part of the strategy of the Survivor! series -- the survivors experience sleep deprivation every night for 39 days due to their poor accommodations, and they become increasingly vulnerable to the bad behaviour of their fellow survivors, causing them to make poor choices that affect their survival in the game.

Another example closer to home -- It's not a good idea to lose sleep before an important exam, as your mental faculties will not be at their best, and recall of the details you have been studying will not be easy.

Sleep to be thin!

Lack of sleep can make a person fat! Your circadian rhythms are regulated by proteins that work synergistically with the protein that affects the amount of energy a cell uses. When sleep is disrupted, an increase in hunger occurs, so too much lack of sleep can bring about obesity.

Lack of sleep is used in torture. Lack of sleep over time is a kind of torture so it's understandable that lack of sleep makes a person age.

But it's not that easy. There are problems.


Insomnia is not being able to get to sleep or not being able to get back to sleep when wakened. Chances to experience insomnia increase with age. By 65 People average 25 awakenings a night.

Sleep Apnea

Sleep Apnea - the silent snore can happen 5 times an hour and disrupts breathing for seconds at a time. Apnea is primarily caused by fat. It leads to hypertension and heart disease.

How to cure sleep apnea


Snoring can waken a person and disrupt others as well.

Quit Snoring Now - The Silent Sleep Method


Tips to Sleep Better

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