Spring Break Family Activities

What could be better than a week off of school?

How about asking your Mom that question?!? She is probably wondering how she is going to manage work, daycare, entertainment, etc for a whole week.

Consider your priorities – time spent with family is the most important, so find a way to spend quality time together. Take some time off work. Use spring break as an opportunity to find something new to enjoy with your children.

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Enjoy nature and wildlife – even in the winter there are lots of parks, gardens, beaches, forests around where you can explore and discover animals, insects and new pathways. Begin a collection of stones, shells, feathers, leaves or pine cones and examine them with a magnifying glass. You might even discover the love of making jewelry!

Play in the water – community pools or water parks (if it’s not too cold) can be a great place for kids to burn off their extra energy. They can increase their fitness and their mental well-being while learning about water safety – and having a great time with you!

Discover new artwork – visit a local gallery or museum. Often there are new exhibits during spring break

Visit your local Aquarium – where you can learn about life under the sea with your child. See the sharks, sting rays and sea turtles in their own world. Watch an eel or octopus move like nothing else on earth. Later you’ll find you have a lot to talk about at the dinner table!

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